Products Sourcing & Distribution

About US

TLABATI LLC. Company the MENA Representative & Member of MW Industry International Corporate Group.

Were established in Jan 2015 in Jordan. Our Company operates both in the medical and industrial products sourcing and distributions. We have highly very professional, very highly qualified local advisers there, so they also help us to achieve our customers’ needs and satisfactions.

As a Product sourcing company we are middlemen who facilitate relationships with suppliers. We are specializing in importing goods from various regions of the world on your behalf. We always locate the best sources at the most competitive prices internationally and locally saving up to 50{497ef02725d12286d1d901593737755025365beb211cc789073d3a507b11b992} or even more for our clients on purchase prices.



 Our success is our commitment to our partners and our customers to supply our products to government, semi-government and private customers.